Production Manifolds & Flowlines

Production Manifolds

Mud manifolds

GulfTek Arabia mud manifolds are designed and manufactured to customer requirements and are fully certified in accordance with the recognised oilfield equipment standards. The mud manifold is installed downstream of the mud pumps with the purpose of diverting the flow of drilling fluids toward the drill line or drillstring. An adjustable choke can be installed to bleed pressure off the drillpipe, to reduce shock when breaking circulation in wells where loss of circulation is a problem, and to bleed off pressure between BOPs during stripping operations. Pressure ratings up to 7,500 psi or 10,000 psi are available.

Choke & Kill Manifolds

GulfTek Arabia choke and kill manifold provides control of flowback or treatment fluids. The choke and kill manifold system may consist of some or all of the following, high-pressure valves, chokes, pressure sensors, connecting blocks, spool spacers, buffer tanks, flanges, and instrumentation configured together. Each GulfTek Arabia system is designed to meet the customer’s specific operational needs and international or local standards.

Frac and zipper manifold system

Found in Well Completions, Well Workover and Intervention process consisting of a system of frac valves that directs treatment fluid from the missile to multiple frac trees. The zipper manifold facilitates quick redirection of fracturing pressure from one well to another, enabling pump trucks to run nearly continuously to minimize downtime.

kill manifolds

Kill manifolds are often used in the oilfield when drilling, Kill manifolds are designed and manufactured in accordance with API 6A&API 16C standards. They are specifically made for injecting heavy mud, water and extinguishant during drilling

Cementing manifold

GulfTek Arabia cement manifolds are designed and manufactured to customer requirements and are fully certified in accordance with the recognized oilfield equipment standards. The cement manifold is installed downstream of the cement unit with the purpose of diverting the flow of cement slurry during cementing operations.

Accumulator manifold

Accumulator Manifolds are designed for mounting the fluid end of multiple bladder accumulator bottles to a common hydraulic source, and are available in various lengths, porting and centreline dimensions for mounting multiple accumulators. Carbon steel and stainless-steel seamless tubing are available. Typically available Ports: 1"" NPT Working Pressure: 6000 psi Material: Carbon Steel

Bypass manifold

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Flow back manifold

Flowback Manifolds are designed for well clean-up operations. Equipped with low torque plug valves and chokes and significantly lighter than a gate valve manifold Hammer union end connections as standard Custom built to meet each customer's unique specifications Flow line sizes 2"", 3"" 10,000 psi or 15,000 psi CWP H2S service In case the flow line size is larger than 3 inches, plug valves are replaced by gate valves, typical designs incorporate the use of reliable hydraulic gate valve, manual gate valves and drilling chokes.

Manifold junk catcher

A GulfTek Arabia Junk catcher manifold is designed to remove drilling, formation and proppant based debris & junk from the wellbore fluids during well testing operations to minimize the potential damage to pressure control and measuring equipment installed downstream.