Modular skids

Modular skids

Lub Oil Skids

GulfTek Lube Oil Skids equipment keeps process machinery and power generating systems lubricated and running smoothly.
GulfTek not only build but also conduct quality review and incorporation all the necessary pressure, hydro and loop tests in-house or via third party.
The Lube Oil System provides critical lubrication and cooling. Lube oil systems are utilized in rotating process equipment to lubricate and cool hydrodynamic bearings. These systems are essential to the life and maintenance free operation of the equipment.

Pump Skids

Ready-to-operate, custom-designed pump skid units with a small-footprint design for the oil and gas production industries

Nitrogen Skids

As an alternative to high pressure cylinders or difficult to handle cryogenic Nitrogen speak to your GTA service representative about a bespoke solution using a variety of proven reliable technolgies.

Filtration Skids

Speak to your GulfTek Customer Service Representative about your needs and GulfTek will provide a robust reliable solution tailored to your specific filtrations need, made to measurer and fit, not off the shelf.

Metering Skids

To support your Flow Primary Elements GulfTek offer to provide a single source package, we will integrate the primary element into a GulfTek manufactured skid and provide intrumentation, transmitters and flow computers etc.

Chemical Injection.

Built to client design or from a GulfTek inhouse design, you can be assured of a quality product with performance and uptime amongst the best in class.