Instrumentation Fittings

Valves and Manifolds (instrumentation)

Needle & Metering valves

A wide range of designs including 2 way, 3 way, multi port, block and bleed, Specifically designed adapted and certified low temperature valves offering safe, efficient service for temperatures to -196C. Needle Valve PDA by ABS certified MSS-SP-99 as per API622 / ISO 15848. Certified for CNG applications (NGV3.1, ECE R110, ISO15500) IBR Certifcation available, working pressure to 15,000psig (1034 barg) up to 30,000psig (2068barg) available on request, End connection and valve material to customer requirments, Heat Code Traceability

Pressure ball valves

Standard two, three and four way designs, Floating and standard designs to BS EN ISO 17292 / API 6D, PDA by ABS, API 607, ISO10497


Available in 4 designs. Separately Mounted, Direct T type mounting, Direct H type mounting, Co Planar Manifolds. Coated and rolled stem threads, swivelling hardened design to provide long life and low wear.Pipe sealing prevents stem blowout and reduces gland leakage. Aramco 9COM approved to 6000002865

Instrumentation non return valves

PDA by ABS, available in a variety of designs and tube end connections. Standard cracking pressure 0.3-0.5 kg/cm2 up to 2kg/cm2 offered for special applications. Working pressure to 6000 psig (414barg) Materials to customers requirements. Heat Code Traceability

Block & bleed valves

A Block and bleed manifold combines one or more block/isolate valves, usually ball valves, and one or more bleed/vent valves, usually ball or needle valves, into one component for interface with other components of a hydraulic system

Instrument hookup valves

EIL Approved prefabricated instruments hookups, each hookup is custom designed for the customer / application. 3D and PDMS / PDS modelling to facilitate alignment with plant layout, complete traceability and simplified packaging as per TAG numbers

Double Ferrule fittings

Double ferrule instrumentation fittings

Comprehensive range of Double Ferrule compression tube fittings, PDA by ABA, performance tested to ASTM F1387-99 (2012) Compliance with vibration norms of BS EN 61373 and corrossion resistance IEC 60068-2-52, Certified for CNG applications (NGV 3.1, ECE R110, ISO 15500)working pressures as per ASME B31.3 to 350C

DIN 2353 (ISO 8434) Connectors

Designed to meet DIN2353 / ISO 8434-1 offered in light, medium and heavy series, performance certified to ISO 19879 / ISO 8434-5, Cyclic endurance, Fire endurance, pull out tested to ISO 9227.

Instrument pipe clamps

Instrument pipe clamps

GulfTek offers standard duty, heavy duty and twin series pipe and tube clamps in polypropylene, polyamide and aluminium. The clamps are designed and validated to DIN 3015 standards. Fluid Controls flanges are designed to SAE and CETOP standards and are available with socket-weld and butt-weld connections for 3000psi and 6000psi applications