Flow Meters and Temperature

Flow Meters and Temperature

Flow Meters & Temperature

Working in partnership with McMenon Engineering Services (formerly ABB) GulfTek have successfully gained the expertise and skills required to be able to manufacture DP Flow Meters and Thermowells 100% in our Saudi Factory,
Flow Meters from our Saudi Arabian plant meet ISO 5167 (Where applicable) and we hold several Aramco 9COM* approvals for Venturi, Wedge, Cone and Orifice plus Thermowells 

Venturi Flow Meters

Venturi tubes offer excellent resistance to wear and consequently require virtually no maintenance. They have a very long service life which is typically the whole life of the plant on which they are installed. They produce a low net pressure loss and therefore reduce energy costs by typically 20 to 25%, with a consequent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Wedge Flow Meters

Robust, reliable flow solutions for difficult applications The McMenon wedge meter product range manufactured by GulfTek in Saudi Arabia is adaptable to almost any process condition or installation requirements. Wedge meters are particularly suitable for fluids that are dirty, viscous, abrasive or with a tendency to foul, providing accurate measurements and resisting conditions that would normally wear the sensitive measurement surfaces found in orifice plate, turbine and cone meter or positive displacement meters. In addition wedge meters have the widest flow range of any DP-based flow device and require shorter upstream and downstream straight pipe lengths.

Orifice Plates

Orifice plates are the simplest of the DP flow measurement devices. Inexpensive to replace and available in a range of materials; making them an ideal choice for applications where permeant pressure loss is not a significant factor. Devices based on orifice plates remain one of the best selling flow metering technologies. As well as measuring flow, they are used to restrict the flowrate to a certain value or to reduce the pressure at a certain flowrate. The technology is well-understood and thoroughly proven and is available in a wide range of designs to suit most applications. From simple plates to metering runs, GulfTek have an orifice plate, union or orifice carrier for all orifice applications – simple flow measurement, flow restriction or pressure reduction.

Pitot Tubes

Being insertion devices with a relatively small aspect ratio, Pitot Tubes incur a very low pressure loss and are also very economical both to purchase and install, especially in larger pipelines and rectangular ducts. Pitot Tubes are also available in retractable versions, allowing insertion and withdrawal from a pipeline without draining the process fluid. Accuracy and stability, proven across the industry spectrum Pitot Tubes have unique sensor design features, offering more accurate and more stable measurement over a very wide flow range. Pitot Tubes create a pressure loss many times lower than that of other DP devices, meaning that energy costs incurred in restoring the lost pressure are minimal. Installation is also much simpler as it typically only requires a single hole in the pipe wall.


Protection of the temperature sensor and the ability to remove a sensor without breaking pipeline integrity is vital in continuous flow processes. The ultimate in safety and endurance is provided by the solid drilled Thermowell. Manufactured from a single bar of metal, drilled to within 6 or 9 mm from the end of the machine finished bar, these Thermowells are used in the most demanding of industries where a breach in pipeline security could mean disaster. Wake Frequency calculations to the latest ASME TW 19.3 standard

*9COM Approvals




Flow Meter : Venturi Tube 


Manifold; Valve Instrument; Flow Meter 


Flowmeter: For Reduce Piping Requirements 


Orifice; Assembly: Plate; Flange; Sealing 


Thermowell; DWG AB-036019